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About Us

    Welcome to the NCYP Garden where you not only get transported to the wonders and marvels of an unrestricted imagination but also experience sensual delights that take on the form of a myriad of shapes, sizes and colors. The perfect embodiment of beauty meets elegance in an explosion of aesthetical mysteries and great displays of art, functionality merges with style in a time capsule where the classic and modern are but relative principles that result in one-of-a-kind products.

    A workshop that is focused on producing and selling original handmade glass + brass items, NCYP Garden features an innovative selection of unique products that range from geometric terrariums to photo frames and candle holders which are fashioned using environmentally friendly materials and adhere to strict quality control standards. Intricately designed and 100% regulated, each item makes for a great addition to any space and complements any setting with a dash of sophistication and organization.

    Inspired by nature as well as the intricacies of life, take a trip down memory lane or decorate and celebrate the momentous occasions of your life by choosing exquisite products from our premium collection. Immortalize those special moments using our artful creations which make for ideal gifts during a wedding, a birthday or even a collector’s choice anywhere anytime. You can also make a terrarium garden of your choice with natural wood, stones and air plant holders available to use for an impactful transformation.

    What’s more, we also offer a customization service where it’s your design and our production.

    Revitalize your life and that of your loved ones today with NCYP Garden.

    NCYP Garden; Packaging love and care in every creation!