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1. Is there any instruction for how to build the terrarium? 

Yes. All the terrariums are built by me and has building videos. Please check my youtube channel:

My blog:

Welcome any questions. Those terrariums last for years and I regularlly post terrarium followups. 

2, Can I builidng material incluidng plants ? 

Yes. We provide all building materials. For plants, now we can only provide moss. Please check my terrarium building supply catalog. 

3. Will your terrarium leak? 

There are three types of terrariums: brass (leak), tin (not leak but designed to hold water), watertight terrarium (with silicone glue and you will see pond in the photo). 

4. Do you accept customamde orders? 

Yes. I accept losts of customamde orders since 2018 on Etsy (now it is forced in vocation mode for I enrolled etsy payment and it has a problem linking with Payonner).  We can design it for you too. 



To be continued.